BWB Mediations is the best way to negotiate your concerns to reach agreement and resolve a dispute
when a relationship breaks down.


Providing all parties with an opportunity to raise their respective issues and concerns in a safe environment.


Exploring possible solutions to resolve these issues and concerns.


Reaching agreement on outcomes and formalise an agreement wherever possible to avoid further action and costly litigation.


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We work with a variety of people impacted upon by a separation.

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We are passionate about the best family law outcomes and provide an expert approach to your mediation and family dispute resolution at an affordable price.

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Our nationally accredited mediators are also lawyers who specialise and practice exclusively in family law.

Fixed Fee Packages

Affordable mediation, family dispute resolution and child inclusive mediations at a fixed price to give you peace of mind.


We offer services at our office, your solicitor’s offices, or your offices in Toowoomba, Ipswich & Brisbane, with weekend sessions also available.


We have a network of social scientists and other professionals that can work with your family to ensure that you reach the best outcome possible.


Toowoomba, Ipswich & Brisbane Family Mediators

The breakdown of a relationship and resulting family dispute is a time of personal upheaval when stress and emotions run high, and the financial burden can be overwhelming.
Mediation is a solution to resolving these issues without the need to litigate and cause any further stress on you or your children.

Mediation has been around for centuries, in one form or another. It is a process where an independent person (the Mediator) helps two or more people
to negotiate their concerns to reach an agreement and resolve their dispute.

At BWB Mediations we pride ourselves in providing cost effective, fixed fee, packages to suit most needs so that you can access a solution that will provide the best outcomes for your family.


The person with the “greater rights” gets the orange. This view is most like the strictly legal approach, and in most circumstances leads to one “winner” and one “loser”
– and you can never guarantee which one you will be!

Cut the orange in half and give one half to each person. This approach is most commonly seen in arbitration or litigation, where if it is impossible for one person to keep the family home, for example, the outcome will be for its sale. In the analogy, nobody can live in half a house!

Investigate the reasons why both people need the orange. If one person wants the juice, and the other wants the zest, both people can obtain what they want. This is how BWB mediations approach each and every dispute – but finding out the real reasons and issues, a mediated solution can maximise the positive outcome for everyone involved.

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